Welcome to Vintage Angus Ranch and to our site on the World Wide Web. Jim Coleman, owner, and Doug Worthington, manager, thank you for stopping by to visit our web site.

Browse the "donors" for a listing of the most prominent cow families in the breed. You may also be interested in viewing the "herd sires" for information on our current and future herd sires and their semen availability. View the "catalogs" for our upcoming "CARCASS MAKER" bull sale or the female production sale. You also may want to look through the"the ranch" page and learn a little more about Vintage Angus Ranch and how we operate in California.

Please remember to visit the "contact us" page and sign our guest form. Feel free to contact us at any time. We would love to answer any questions that you might have, plus we always appreciate feedback from our guests.
At Vintage we are aggressively using the latest technology to help improve the beef industry and supply our customers with the latest and best genetics possible. We are committed to standing behind that product and giving our customers service in any area they wish. We are a total performance program that is willing to earn your trust and business.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Vintage staff and let you know how they make our operation run.


Megan Reisenauer, Office Manager –
For many, Megan is the first person you meet from Vintage. Megan keeps all records for the ranch along with designing and running all reports so our ranch runs smoother and smarter. So, if you call, write or e-mail, Megan will see that you get the information you are requesting or she’ll forward it to someone who can.


Brad Worthington, Operations Manager
Brad came to Vintage after 17 years experience in the Angus business including seven years as an Angus ranch manager. Brad is in charge of all Embryo Transfer (ET) work done at Vintage Angus. Since our genetics are always getting younger and new technology is always changing the idea of what perfection is in cattle genetics, the Vintage ET program will continue to increase in focus as the future shows us new ways to design the ultimate in Angus genetics. With Brad at the helm, our ET program has never worked better and with 100 donors to work with, we always have a supply of new frozen eggs for sale. If you have a question about a Vintage donor, feel free to contact Brad at anytime.


Doug Worthington, General Manager
Doug comes from a family background of raising purebred Angus cattle. Doug and owner, Jim Coleman, are responsible for the proven Vintage Angus genetics. Doug and Jim together make all the breeding decisions that control the future of Vintage Angus. Great care and study goes into the sire selection and matings of these valuable and unique genetics. Designing genetics that will add value to the herd and help move the breed forward is a job Doug takes seriously. Performance information, ultraasound data, EPDs, and the skeletal structure are all studied to make total performance matings that will prosper in the future. Doug is also responsible for selecting the genetics that will be offered in the different sales events at Vintage throughout the year as well as overseeing all the employees in their different areas. Doug currently serves on the Western States Angus Association board and is dedicated to the growth of the entire Angus world. If you see Doug at a sale event or show around the country, please say hello, as Doug is always ready to help you with his most important job – helping you utilize Vintage Angus genetics in your program.

Jason Judge, Bull Marketing Manager
Jason comes to us with experience in many sectors of the beef industry. After attending Cal Poly State University for Animal Science, he has managed both a commercial cow-calf operation and registered Angus ranch. He has also worked in a feedlot and for a large stocker operator. In addition to this, he has a lot of experience with show cattle preparation that has enabled him to travel throughout the United States and even as far as Argentina. Here at Vintage Angus Ranch, Jason is in charge of the development and marketing of the bulls and assists Doug with the female sale. He is available to help you with any questions you may have regarding the cattle.

Gerardo "Lalo" Camarena, Cow Herd Manager
Lalo is in control of our cowherd here at Vintage Angus Ranch. He keeps our herd in excellent health and is very aware of breeding and genetics that make up our herd. Lalo comes to Vintage Angus Ranch after working at JBS Five Rivers Mcelhaney Feeders in Yuma, Arizona where he was a Yard Section Manager/Receiving Manager. Lalo attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he received a degree in Agribusiness. While attending Cal Poly, Lalo was very involved with the beef cattle operations including being the co-manager of the Annual Cal Poly Bull Test.


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